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Staff List 2019/2020


Head teacher                   Ms Armstrong

Assistant Head teachers: Ms Jones   & Mrs Garnier

Office Ms Bromilow - Mrs Claro – Mrs Long - 

Family support and pupil learning support:  Mrs Proffitt - Mrs McBride          


Teaching Staff

Miss O'Dempsey       Nursery class teacher

Miss Kelly                 Class teacher            Year R

Mrs Gallears              Class teacher            Year 1

Miss Harris                Class teacher            Year 2

Mrs Gorman              Class teacher            Year 3 

Mrs McGann            Class teacher            Year 4 

Mrs Chellew              Class teacher            Year 5

Miss Smith                Class teacher            Year 6 


Teaching Assistants                                                 

Nursery   Mrs Haizelden Miss Collins

Reception   Miss Griffiths

Year 1  Mrs Durkan 

Year 2   Mrs Richardson

Year 3   Ms Williams and Mrs Foster

Year 4   Mrs Carr and Mrs Uittermark

Year 5  Miss Quadrio

Year 6  MrsMoore


Premises officer: Mr Radford 

Lunchtime supervisors: Mrs Moore - Mrs Uittermark - Miss Quadrio - Mrs Carr

Mrs Purslow- Miss Halsall - Mrs Daniels  - Mrs McGiveron – Miss Griffiths

Breakfast Club team: Mrs Lawless - Mrs Durkan - Mrs Purslow- Miss Halsall

Kitchen staff: Mrs Slater - Mrs Robinson 





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