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School Council: Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council and pupil questionnaires. Our school behaviour policy involves rewards which the pupils have had contributed to. Attendance rewards are always picked by the class themselves - eg a bouncy castle afternoon! 


The School Council meets regularly and takes part in decision making on a range of topics. These topics are shared and fed back to other pupils in assemblies and class council meetings. 


Recent School Council successes: (1) The school council have recently been central in the following changes: 

(1) Introducing zoning on the junior playground 

(2) Bringing in the new sports MUGA at the front of nursery (see picture below - the Council children pose with the new sports zone) 

(3) Agreeing the wording of our behaviour Code of Conduct 

(4) Planning and arranging our new Healthy Tuck shop. 


Developing our new Sports MUGA: We were recently in the Bootle Times to celebrate the opening of our new sports MUGA. The children in the council were keen to develop the area at the front of the nursery building. We managed to get funding support and now have a terrific sports facility which gets used during lessons, at breakfast club, at lunchtime and after school. 


We done to our Council for making it happen! 


Picture 1

New Tuck Shop at Holy Spirit 


The School Council's latest success has been to help launch a healthy tuck shop. Year 6 monitors run the trolley which has healthy snacks to sell at morning break. The council organised the rules for the shop as well as the prices for the items. Simple rules help the routine run smoothly, with the importance of queuing up, good manners and avoidance of litter. 

Healthy tuck shop via School council

Healthy tuck shop via School council  1
Healthy tuck shop via School council  2
Healthy tuck shop via School council  3

School council developing our playground - zoning!

The children were given a budget, were able to pick and decide zones, choose resources and pick 'catchy' names for each of the areas: 
They picked...
Main football pen
 = 'fantasy football' (with goals, bibs, rota and rules) 
Mini football zone
 = 'mini soccer' (also to have mini goals) 
Running space
 = 'race'n' chase' 
Games zone = 'fame games' with lots of new equipment
Canopy quiet area = 'chill town' - quiet board games, drawing and chalk boards 
Baskets = 'shoot the hoop' - 2 fantastic new basketball shooters 
Drama area = 'strictly talent' - we are getting plays, puppets, a drama dress up box and instruments for music

Mrs Uittermark, Mrs Moore and Mr Metcalf helped the children make the arrangements

Father Harris came in for a special opening of the playground on 3rd November. He gave it a blessing and cut the ribbon! 


School Council visit Council Town Hall Chamber 


In October 2016, our Council children visited Bootle Town Hall and toured the Council chambers. After meeting local councillors and asking them questions about their role, the children got to try on the Mayoral robes and also hold the actual maces used during the Council meetings. The councillors spoke about how impressive the children were and how smart they were in their new excellent uniform! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
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