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 Summer Term 1


This term in Nursery we shall be continuing to have lots of fun whilst learning through play. We shall start the term with an investigation-‘How did Humpty Dumpty fall of the wall?’ The children shall engage in some detective work and will explore concepts such as living things and growing.

We shall also be starting our dinosaur topic and learning about the ‘Pantasaurus’ Underpants Rule! This NSPCC programme of study teaches children about appropriate touch and how to keep our ‘privates’, private.

The older nursery children shall also start our whole school phonics programme-Read, Write Inc. Please check out this link on how to say each sound

Number formation home-work shall go out this half term to encourage the children to form their numerals correctly. We have included a guide with rhymes to help with this.

We continue to remain committed to providing exciting and purposeful learning opportunities for all our Nursery children. Early Years staff have recently been part of a research project on early language and communication which seeks to ensure all children have the language and communication skills to become successful and confident learners.

Home-School Links

Remember we have our ‘Welcome’ Wednesday drop in’s for those parents who would like to stay and play. We shall also have our termly information meeting this half term-the focus shall be early reading.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Nursery Team

Summer 1 Topic web

This week's Paddington fun!!

This week's Paddington fun!! 1
This week's Paddington fun!! 2

Sensational Stories-Narrative Immersion (making story-telling matter)

Next week we shall be beginning our work on narrative immersion. The idea behind the project is to immerse children in story through different techniques including stoy-telling, role-play, hot seating, song and dance. Once a  week Nursery and Reception shall work together engaging in a range of additional activities which supports the Early Years Curriculum and the Characteristics of Effective Learning. We shall be using the Book Paddington Bear as our text to explore a range of themes including relationships, loss and responsibility.

Stay and Play-Week of 25th March

Please come and join us in nursery to see your child in their learning environement. It's an opportunity to look at your child's Learning Journey, chat with all staff and meet your children's friends. If you have not yet signed up for a day see a member of the nursery team.


Parents Evening


Thank you to all parents/carers who  attended parents evening and meetings over the last week. There will be another opportunity to discuss your child's learning and progress at our Stay and Play sessions during the week of 25th March

We look forward to seeing you.



Nursery Learning Overview

Spring has sprung!!

Spring has sprung!! 1
Spring has sprung!! 2
Spring has sprung!! 3
Spring has sprung!! 4
Spring has sprung!! 5

World Book Day!!!

World Book Day!!! 1
World Book Day!!! 2
World Book Day!!! 3

Fairy Tales-A visit from Aroura!

Fairy Tales-A visit from Aroura! 1
Fairy Tales-A visit from Aroura! 2

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year! 1


Investigation 1
Investigation 2
Investigation 3
Investigation 4
Investigation 5
Investigation 6

Head Teacher Award Winners!!

Head Teacher Award Winners!! 1
Head Teacher Award Winners!! 2
Head Teacher Award Winners!! 3

Christmas Party Fun!!

Christmas Party Fun!! 1
Christmas Party Fun!! 2
Christmas Party Fun!! 3
Nursery Christmas Party-Wednesday 19th December 8.30-11.30am. Afternoon children to attend the morning session. Wear your Christmas jumper or party clothes.

Nursery Christmas Sing along-Wednesday 13th December at 10am and 2pm


Please bring your child into nursery normal session time dressed in their Christmas jumper.



Nursery 2018

Welcome back to the second part of our Autumn Term. This term we shall be focusing on celebrations of light. We shall be looking at Bon Fire Night, Davali (Indian Festival of Light) Advent and Christmas. Our 'Come and See' work will focus on the religious aspects of Christmas and the preparations which occur in the Catholic Church. We shall be learning about the story of The Nativity and celebrating the birth of Jesus. 


We shall also have lots of events comming up in Decemeber such as a christmas stay and play, nursery christmas party, nursery christmas sing along (children will entertain you with a selection of christmas songs whilst wearing christmas jumpers!!)  and christmas jumper day. More information and dates shall follow.


We look forward to sharing another fun filled half term with you and your children.


The Nursery Team

Thank you to all the parents who attended this terms Stay and Play. It was wonderful to see you all. Don't worry if you were unable to attend. We shall be having another Stay and Play in February.

Stay and Play pictures

Stay and Play pictures 1
Stay and Play pictures 2
Stay and Play pictures 3
Stay and Play pictures 4
Stay and Play pictures 5
Stay and Play pictures 6
Stay and Play pictures 7
Stay and Play pictures 8
Stay and Play pictures 9
Stay and Play pictures 10
Stay and Play pictures 11
Stay and Play pictures 12
Stay and Play pictures 13
Over the last few weeks we have introduced our 'Talk' sessions. These sessions use objects and artefacts to act as a stimuli to encourage children to wonder, discuss, explain and create stories. The following pieces of work have been inspired by 'talk.'

It's Christmas.......................

It's Christmas....................... 1
It's Christmas....................... 2
It's Christmas....................... 3
It's Christmas....................... 4
It's Christmas....................... 5
It's Christmas....................... 6
It's Christmas....................... 7


Celebrating-Baptism 1
Celebrating-Baptism 2
Celebrating-Baptism 3

Celebrating diversity -Diwali

Celebrating diversity -Diwali 1
Celebrating diversity -Diwali 2
Celebrating diversity -Diwali 3
Celebrating diversity -Diwali 4
Celebrating diversity -Diwali 5

Spooky Fun!!

Spooky Fun!! 1 The Witch in the ceiling!!!
Spooky Fun!! 2 Dress up fun!
Spooky Fun!! 3 Spell making
Spooky Fun!! 4 Making ladders
Spooky Fun!! 5 Making a model ladder

Our Gruffalo actvities!

Our Gruffalo actvities! 1
Our Gruffalo actvities! 2
Our Gruffalo actvities! 3
Our Gruffalo actvities! 4
Our Gruffalo actvities! 5
Our Gruffalo actvities! 6
Our Gruffalo actvities! 7
Our Gruffalo actvities! 8

Pirate Fun!!

Pirate Fun!! 1
Pirate Fun!! 2
Pirate Fun!! 3
Pirate Fun!! 4
Pirate Fun!! 5
Pirate Fun!! 6

Photo Fun

Photo Fun 1
Photo Fun 2
Photo Fun 3
Photo Fun 4
Photo Fun 5
Photo Fun 6
Photo Fun 7
Photo Fun 8
Photo Fun 9
Photo Fun 10
Photo Fun 11
Photo Fun 12
Photo Fun 13

September 2018 Nursery Start Dates


As the final few days of our Summer break are upon us this is just a litttle reminder regarding the beginning of nursery term.


Children who are returning to nursery and who are now front end children (Mon, Tue and Wed am), morning and afternoon nursery children shall start on Wednesday 5th September. Please note this is only children who have previously attended nursery, not new starters.


New starters whom we have been able to contact have been given a home-visit slot and a start date. If you have not been contacted please call the school office on Monday 3rd September and a home-visit can be arranged.


We are looking forward to meeting you all very soon.


The Nursey Team

Read Write Inc for Reception Parents

Read Write Inc for Reception Parents 1

Healthy Pizza workshop

Healthy Pizza workshop 1
Healthy Pizza workshop 2


Graduation 1

Sports Day

Sports Day 1
Sports Day 2
Sports Day 3
Sports Day 4
Sports Day 5
Sports Day 6
Sports Day 7

Phonic Workshop-model lesson

Phonic Workshop-model lesson 1
Phonic Workshop-model lesson 2
This weeks Newsletter

The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly

The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 1
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 2
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 3
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 4
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 5
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 6
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 7
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 8
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 9
The Life-Cycle of a Buttterfly 10
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
A Flying Visit!!!!  This amazing aircraft has inspired our new nursery theme of 'Wheels and Wings.'

Up, up and away!!!

Up, up and away!!! 1
Up, up and away!!! 2

As we have been looking at the Royal Wedding please bring in any wedding photographs that you have of yourself or family.



Royal Celebrations- Afternoon Tea and Red, White and Blue

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Nursery School Trip-Farmer Ted's 2018
Picture 1
Summer Term Fun


Sorry we couldn't play today! The snow didn't stop Mrs Kelshaw and Mrs Pett from having fun!! See you all tomorrow.

Picture 1

First we would like to say a big "Welcome back" to all our children and to our new starters! We are very excited to welcome you into our school family and are looking forward to sharing special times with you all.


This half term we shall be focusing on 'Growing.' The story of Jack and the Beanstalk shall help us to explore how a seed grows. We shall be planting and observing how things grow and will be making comparisons between plants and animals (ourselves!!).


We shall also be looking at mini-beast and being bug detectives. This focus will see us use information texts to find out about insects. The story 'What the Ladybird Heard' will lead us onto our 'Farmyard' topic.


Over the next few weeks we shall be looking at Farmyard Animals as part of our growing work. We shall be visiting Farmer Teds in Formby for our Summer trip on Thursday 3rd May. Letters shall follow. This experience shall allow the children the opportunity to meet and feed the animals and find out about life on the farmyard.


We are looking at the theme of 'Pentecost' in our 'Come and See' work. We shall be understanding the importance of 'Good News' and how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to allow us to live on. Our own good news shall be a focus this term and parents shall be receiving something special in the post!!


This term phonic homework shall be sent home to encourage phonic development. There will be information to explain what to do. If in doubt please ask a member of staff.


These topics will act as vehicle to drive learning through the curriculum. In addition to this we will be ensuring that the children's own interest are followed and planned for in order to make learning purposeful and exciting for individuals.




The EYFS Curriculum is a play based curriculum which provides rich and creative learning opportunities for all children. Initially there is a focus on the 'Prime' areas of learning and development (Communication, and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development) to ensure that children are given a strong and sturdy starting point. This is followed by 'Specific' areas of learning and development (Literacy, mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and design).


Nursery children shall also be starting to learn phonics (sounds) as part of our focus on early reading. We will be experimenting with environmental sounds and singing lots of songs and rhymes.


We do hope that your child enjoys their experience with us, and are more than willing to listen to any suggestions or ideas that you have for promoting learning.


Thank you for your ongoing support


The Nursery Team

Nursery 'Stay and Play'

Week beginning 5th March

What's New.....?????
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun 1
Halloween Fun 2
Halloween Fun 3
Halloween Fun 4
Halloween Fun 5
Halloween Fun 6
Halloween Fun 7
Halloween Fun 8
Halloween Fun 9
Halloween Fun 10
Halloween Fun 11
Halloween Fun 12
Halloween Fun 13
Halloween Fun 14
Halloween Fun 15
Halloween Fun 16
Halloween Fun 17
Halloween Fun 18
Halloween Fun 19
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