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Snow Day - thank you to parents

Dear parents and carers 


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in what was a difficult time this morning, when I ended up having no choice but to close the school. Even though we had that bad weather last week, I don't think anyone saw that snow coming this morning and it caught us all by surprise. 


Our main problem was being able to have enough staff in to look after the children safely. I spoke to various teachers whilst stuck in traffic - lots of us were caught and couldn't get in. Being trapped in traffic whilst doing my own school run wasn't much fun and the main problem was being able to get a message out to parents. Its quite tricky trying to find a solution whilst skidding in your car with your 3 year old in the back and being in grid lock traffic for over an hour. 


I know some schools stayed open and others closed - everyone had to make a tough call and there was no obvious right or wrong answer. Whatever option you take will be subject to some criticism! 


For me the best option was allowing the children to stay home however I thought it was important to brief the staff who had managed to get in to make sure that nobody would be turned away. Imagine battling through the snow and being told to take your child home, if you were then needing to get to work. That would not be good. In that scenario, the best solution would be for staff to take the children in and keep them happy and comfortable, until such a time that someone could be sent to collect. A big thank you to the staff who looked after the children and who did a super job. 


Roll on some real spring weather!! 


Best wishes Mr Byrne 

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