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School Photographs - Thursday 8th November

On Thursday 8th November children will have their school photographs taken. In order to reduce the cost to yourselves, photographs will be supplied without the cardboard frame, allowing you to display the photos in a frame of your own. This reduces the costs significantly and makes school photographs more affordable.

The photographer will take individual and sibling photos. As there is a tight schedule with many children to get through, pictures of cousins or friends will not be taken.

When placing orders for photographs, please ensure you send in the correct amount. All payments and orders will be handed direct to the photographer and will not be sorted by the school office.

Year 5

As Year 5 have bikeability that day, children should come into school wearing full school uniform to have photographs taken and bring in a change of clothing for bikeability.


If your child attends nursery on Thursday morning or afternoon then you do not need to do anything, Mrs Woods will bring the children over to school to have their photo taken. If your child does not attend nursery on Thursday and you wish to have their photo taken, then please bring your child to the school library at 8.45am for the first photo session.

Pre-school Siblings

The photographer has kindly agreed to stay behind for a short time after school for any parents who wish to have an additional photo taken including pre-school siblings. Once you have collected your child(ren) from school at 3pm, please make your way to the school library and form an orderly que. As this is a ‘drop-in’ session, please be prepared to wait depending on the number attending.


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