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Safeguarding alert

22/3/19 - please see safety notice from Holy Family today 


Good afternoon


Safeguarding Alert!  Please see message below from Holy Family Catholica HS


Please see the information that we have received from a parent today.


A parent from a boy in year 8 said that he was at Aldi last night and a oldish man was asking him lots of questions and saying don't buy sweets from ALDI get them from my van I have loads. He crossed the road to get away from the man and waited around with a group of pupil at the bus stop by the post office. He lives just opposite ALDI so was scared to go straight home in case the man knew where he lives.


Mum has been into ALDI and they are going to look at CCTV and he said she will update me if they see anything.


She has been informed to contact the police.


Kind regards


Janice McKean

Inclusion Manager

Holy Family Catholic High School,


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