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Reception Admissions September 2017

Admissions - September 2017 


Parents will be informed on 18th April whether their child has received a place for Reception class for September 2017. 


I know this is a difficult time for parents and I wish you luck in gaining a place. 


I understand that you will be informed via an e-mail from Sefton if you submitted an electronic application and via letter if a written application was submitted.


I wrote to parents back in September reminding them of the admissions criteria of the school. The criteria is set by the Archdiocese and as a Catholic school we must respect this admissions criteria. Sefton are responsible for allocating the actual places based on the criteria. 


It is important to repeat that school has no personal say on which children are admitted. We have no right to pick and choose who gets a place. 


We are however expecting a number of children who are presently in nursery NOT to get a place as we expect that more than 30 children who are already with us will have had Holy Spirit down as first choice. 


When looking at the criteria, it is clear that having your child Baptised is very important if you want to secure a place in an over subscribed Catholic school. Obviously, this is down to parental choice and we respect parents rights not to arrange this however you must appreciate that this will not help you in terms of receiving a place at a Catholic school for your child.


The Archdiocese obviously want to protect the Catholic ethos and nature of Catholic schools and therefore Baptism, prior to the admissions process, is very important. 


Having a sibling in the school will also be helpful however again this will not at all guarantee a place. The further away you live from school will put you lower down the criteria compared to other parents with children who also have a sibling. 


We have mentioned many times that already having a place in nursery does not help in terms of securing a place in reception as being a pupil in nursery is not on the criteria list. Therefore a child who has spent two years in our nursery will be lower down the admissions list than a child who is Baptised who has never been to Holy Spirit before. 


Sefton will place children who do not have a place on a reserve list and provide details of who to contact regards next steps. 


Best wishes Mr. M. Byrne - Head teacher 



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