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Christmas fair arrangements - Friday 7th December 2018

Dear parents and friends of the school. 


Parents will be able to come into school from 1.30 via the yard through the main school building. There will be no access from the front office. Parents will be able to then collect their own children from class, your child's teacher will sign them off their register to say that they have been taken by you. If you are arranging to allow a different adult than normal to collect your child you will need to have informed your chilld's teacher or the office in advance. Older pupils will be available as monitors to help direct parents to the correct classes or to collect children for parents who can't access the class (eg, mums with buggies) If at all possible, please consider whether you need to bring your child's pram or buggy as there is very limited space, especially when going into the hall. Once you have responsibility for your child and thy have been to the fair, the children are free to leave school under your care, supervision and guidance.


If any parents, or their family representatives, are unable to attend, your child's teacher will take your child around the fair at around 2pm. You will of course need to ensure they have suitable money for the stalls. This should be brought in with the child in a plastic money bag with a piece of paper inside with their name on. Please encourage your child to put this money away safely in their tray to avoid it getting lost.


We hope you and your child have a nice time. We would also like to thank the ladies of the PTA for all of their hard work. 

























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