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New School Uniform

Here you will be able to see a selection of photos that show our new school uniform.  Children will be expected to wear this uniform from September 2015. The uniform is now on display and ready to order, purchase and collect in Prima Donna. 


Families should now have received a list explaining items required for boys and girls along with a voucher entitling each child to a £10 discount and a free tie.  Children in Reception and Nursery will also receive a free cap. Vouchers can be exchanged in Prima Donna in the Marian Square, where all uniform items can be purchased.


The new correct tie is now displayed. The previous navy and white was a temporary measure whilst we awaited the correct tie to be made. This has correct full school colours of navy, sky and white. 


This tie will be especially important when children are not wearing their jumpers or cardies, to ensure they still have the correct school colours evident through the tie. 


Please also remember that BLACK SHOES ONLY must be worn when we return to school. No black trainers will be allowed to be passed off as uniform. Children will be asked to change incorrect footwear. Should the problem continue, school will write to parents asking for correct footwear to be worn. If this still failed to resolve the problem, parents will be contacted to ensure the change is made straight away. 


It is essential that correct BLACK shoes are worn and school will be taking a strong line for anyone trying to break the policy. 


PE kits will continue to be plain white shirts, plain dark shorts and black pumps though we will look at the possibility of PE kit with the new crest in the future. 

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