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Ebola appeal

Our new school council will be deciding on which fund raiser to organise and making the arrangements over the next few weeks. The activity will take place in January. 

We want to do our bit at Holy Spirit to help. We would love a link up school in Africa... One of our next tasks will be to arrange a link! 

Here is the message from Mr Dinsdale from English Martyrs

Ebola Outbreak:

You will have heard about the situation in West Africa right now with regard to the Ebola epidemic that is spreading faster than it can be contained. For many of us, it is nothing more than statistics and media sound bites. However, for myself and fellow colleagues who have set up partnerships with schools in Waterloo Sierra Leone through the British Council, it is so much more. These are our friends, colleagues, staff and school communities that are being affected right now.

Situation in Waterloo, Sierra Leone:
Schools have been closed since the start of term. Daily, we are learning of the plight of people we know and only this February were alongside, sharing learning experiences together. Headteachers have lost their lives as well as parents and children in our partner schools. Myself and colleagues from across Sefton and Liverpool have agreed to collate our fund raising and direct it towards the Waterloo Partnership, which is able to send money directly to the community of Waterloo to purchase essential items to help combat the spread of Ebola. 

Our Response:
Our children have felt so strongly about wanting to make difference that they have produced a film, reaching out to school councils across Sefton, Liverpool and beyond to take action by doing just one fund raising event in school. We would all be delighted if you were able to share this video with your school council and/or school community to show your support for the Waterloo Partnership.

School Council Ebola Appeal

Donations can be made directly to the Waterloo Partnership - either online or via cheque. Thank-you for your time and consideration and any help or support you are willing to give - it will make a difference.
Kind regards
Lewis Dinsdale Headteacher English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
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