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Year 5



Dear Parents

Welcome to Year 5, I would like to introduce myself and give you an overview of the lessons your child will be covering this term. I am Mrs Yates the class teacher and we also have Mrs Quadrio our classroom assistant.


Curriculum – Our topic this half term is Space and next half term the Romans.

Both topics will be linked to a number of curriculum areas.


Literacy – We will be beginning continuing with Read Write Spell (RWS) which will help

to improve your child’s reading and spelling whilst introducing a new grammar

scheme called Gramma Hammer. All work covered in our literacy lessons

includes both fiction and non-fiction writing and reading. It would be greatly

appreciated, if you encourage your child to read on a daily basis and ask them to

explain the purpose of the text.


Numeracy – Again we are continuing with our scheme linked to Singapore maths. Your child

will be covering a number of topics within numeracy, but we will be concentrating

on place value and number this term. If there are any strategies you are unfamiliar

with please do not hesitate to contact me and I will show you how we work them out

in lessons. It is important that all the children have a secure knowledge of their times

tables and they will be tested each week.


Science – Space – Earth, Sun and Moon.


R.E – Ourselves, Life Choices, Hope. These topics are taken from the Come and See scheme.


P.E – Gymnastics and Everton in the Community. Would you please ensure that your child has

Their P.E kit which they can leave in school.


I.T – In I.T we will be using the computers as a research tool to research a variety of topics.


PSHE/Citizenship – Will be covered with Everton in the Community aimed at raising self-

esteem, self-awareness, team building and friendship. In particular, we will be looking at

how we learn and recognising ways in which we can develop our potential as independent



Music – This year the children are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn how to play

a musical instrument. Mrs Edgar will be coming in every Friday afternoon. The children

will also have singing lessons this first half term.


Art/D.T – Our art this term will be linked to other subject such as looking at Geography, History,

RE, Literacy, etc.


History/Geography – We will be looking at the Romans in the second half term.


If you have any concerns or questions relating to the work we will be covering please do not hesitate to contact me.



School Life

Attendance & punctuality:

  • We have a whole school focus on improving our attendance and punctuality. Please try to ensure your child is on the playground by 8:45am, they will be allowed to come straight into class. It is very important that your child has a good start to their day and they are there to hear the beginning of the lesson. There is a government expectation that all children should have a minimum of 97% attendance I hope you will support our school in achieving this target.


Uniform and PE kit:

  • I think we all have to agree the children all look wonderful in their new uniform. It is important that your child’s name is in their uniform and PE kit so that it can be traced should it get lost.


Essentials in class:

  • Any inhalers or medical necessities should be brought in, as well as any glasses, dinner money or any other items required.
  • If your child brings in a snack would you try to encourage them to choose a healthy one, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks, etc are not allowed.



  • I will be setting homework on the following days.

Monday – spellings.

Tuesday – maths – basic skills.

Wednesday - literacy

Thursday – mathletics (ICT.)

Friday – Research/project work/ times tables.

The children will be encouraged to be independent learners this year, due to this

reason I will be encouraging them to do their homework and bring it in regularly.


School clubs:

  • The children have opportunities to take part in a number of after school clubs throughout the year. If your child chooses to attend any of the clubs would you please ensure that the member of staff running the club has been informed of the arrangements you have for their collection.


Contact details:

  • Would you please ensure that any change of address or phone numbers are passed on to the school office.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding any of the above.


Many thanks

Mrs J Yates – September 2018

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