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Hello and welcome to the year 3 Web Page!
Class Teacher: Mrs Slocombe
Teaching assistants
Ms Williams and Mrs Uittermark


We are very excited to start the new school year. We have so many fun and exciting challenges to look forward to this year.

We are really enjoying our new Read Write Spell scheme and trying our best to learn our spellings for a weekly Friday test.

In maths we have introduced Singapore maths and the problem solving and reasoning approach is helping us to solve a range of tricky problems.


Homework Timetable


Children should practise reading for 15 minutes every evening


  • Monday  - Practise spellings for a test on Friday
  • Tuesday - Reading practise
  • Wednesday - Maths homework
  • Thursday - Times tables practise for a Friday test
  • Friday - Topic or research homework

Year 3

Year 3 will be starting swimming lesson on Wednesday 9th January - please remember your swimming kit

Spring Term Information

Year 3 had to create a volcano for their homework. The creations were absolutely fantastic and they were made from a range of mediums such as paint, clay, paper mache, cardboard and crepe paper. Every volcano was different and the children thoroughly enjoyed completing this project with their families. We even had several erupting volcanoes. Look at the fabulous creation below!

Year 3 Volcanoes

Year 3 Volcanoes 1
Year 3 Volcanoes 2
Year 3 Volcanoes 3
Year 3 Volcanoes 4
Year 3 Volcanoes 5
Year 3 Volcanoes 6
Year 3 Volcanoes 7
Year 3 Volcanoes 8
Year 3 Volcanoes 9
Year 3 Volcanoes 10
Year 3 Volcanoes 11
Year 3 Volcanoes 12
Year 3 Volcanoes 13
Year 3 Volcanoes 14
Year 3 Volcanoes 15
Year 3 Volcanoes 16
Year 3 Volcanoes 17
Year 3 Volcanoes 18
Year 3 Volcanoes 19
Year 3 Volcanoes 20
Year 3 Volcanoes 21
Year 3 Volcanoes 22
Year 3 Volcanoes 23
Year 3 Volcanoes 24
Year 3 Volcanoes 25
Year 3 Volcanoes 26


Year 3 had a fabulous trip at Imagine That! We all enjoyed making bath bombs, Christmas decorations and reindeer food. We watched an amazing  Science show with a bubble show, an erupting volcano and a lemon juice rocket. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Our first day!

We enjoyed a brilliant first day. Our task was to make a wedding dress using only a bin bag, tissues, cellotape and scissors. We had to be so creative and work together as a team. It was a great afternoon and some of the designs were fantastic.


YEAR 3 EGYPTIAN AFTERNOON 1 We wrote in hieroglphics on papyrus paper
YEAR 3 EGYPTIAN AFTERNOON 2 We coloured in Egyptian pictures
YEAR 3 EGYPTIAN AFTERNOON 3 We danced to Egyptian music
YEAR 3 EGYPTIAN AFTERNOON 4 We enjoyed making Lego pyramids
YEAR 3 EGYPTIAN AFTERNOON 5 We danced to Egyptian music

Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth

Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 1 We rolled out red clay to make the outer core
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 2 Then we wrapped a yellow layer the inner core
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 3 Next we wrapped an orange layer the mantle
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 4 After that we wrapped a brown layer the crust
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 5 Then we represented the oceans and lands.
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 6 We cut it in half to see what the Earth looks like
Year 3 enjoyed making models of the earth 7 Finally we labelled different parts of the Earth.
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